Matrimonial & Infidelity Investigations

Do you suspect your boyfriend or girlfriend is being unfaithful? Do you have reason to believe your husband or wife is having an affair?

If you are in search of a matrimonial or infidelity investigator, you’ve come to the right place. V.I.P Investigations is the premier provider of matrimonial and infidelity investigations in the Buffalo, New York, area.

Our years of experience and close ties to The Buffalo Police Department makes us the leading choice for matrimonial and infidelity investigations.

Our private investigators make sure to stay up on the latest legislation and investigation techniques to ensure your needs are met, questions are answered, and your mind is at ease.

Rest assured our matrimonial and infidelity investigations are conducted at more than just the home of the person-in-question. We make sure to gather precise evidence of whether or not your significant other is cheating on you with someone else.

We have your suspected disloyal husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend on surveillance 24/7 at home, work and anywhere he or she might go.

At V.I.P Investigations, we do not take these situations lightly. We understand the consequences of confirming infidelity can lead to divorce or separation, affecting both parties and any children involved.

Leave the investigating to us if you suspect your significant other is cheating on you or having an affair.  Call us today to get started.