Video Surveillance Investigation

Gathering evidence for your investigation would unquestionably be more of a challenge without the use of video surveillance.

With the help of innovative technology, V.I.P Investigation is able to conduct video surveillance investigations for residents and business owners throughout Buffalo, New York.

Video surveillance allows our private investigators to gather precise evidence via video technology.

You might associate video surveillance with businesses such as gas stations, banks, or stores. Those cameras you see in the corners or hidden throughout the commercial property are put in place to keep your employees and customers safe.

If something should happen on your property whether it be a burglary, fire, or anything else, the video surveillance is sure to capture it and provide evidence to private investigators like us.

There are many reasons you might require a video surveillance investigation. Most cases involve the following:

  • Keeping an eye on employees you suspect of stealing from your business
  • Checking in on your husband or wife or significant other you suspect is being unfaithful and cheating on you while you’re not home
  • Knowing how your child or children are treated under the supervision of a custody or non-custody parent
  • Catching potential vandalizers

Video surveillance investigations are highly beneficial when it comes time for court and proving your case with evidence caught on video.

You can count on V.I.P Investigation in Buffalo, New York, with video surveillance investigations of all magnitudes.

Our private investigators work closely with The Buffalo Police Department and other organizations, so you can rest assured you will get answers sooner than you think.